Advancing Healthcare: Building Relationships to Last a Lifetime

Healthcare is Evolving Quickly

After nearly 20 years of building The First String family, we realized our work wasn’t done.

Healthcare is evolving and changing so quickly, today, it needs partners that understand the uniqueness of the industry. We’re here for the long haul and will always provide the very best leadership talent to help healthcare advance.

We pride ourselves on being ‘disruptors’ – and doing things differently:

  • We take pride in matching clients and candidates with the best jobs that fit their experience and lifestyle – not hitting a number.
  • We recognize that your resources are limited – and deploy them efficiently while passing on cost savings to achieve optimal outcomes.
  • We are personally and professionally able to give back to our partners and clients.

Long Term Relationships

Our team is committed to long-lasting relationships, growing the strongest referral network, delivering swift and successful placements, offering the best service, and committed to a personal mission to give back.

We have personal experiences of extraordinary care and compassion, and that is why we are here. Providing financial, educational, and professional support to our healthcare friends is a great source of joy for us.

Interim and Candidate Lifecycle

We build lasting relationships throughout the interim and permanent candidate lifecycle. On our permanent side, we partner with the candidates from the beginning, making sure it’s the right opportunity for them.

Also, after placement, we continually check in to make sure that things are still as expected and that the candidate has the support from us that they need. We do the same for the interim side, continuing to have that relationship between the recruiter and the candidate throughout the assignment, so we know what’s going on (the good and the bad) and when they’re ready to start looking again.

We know exactly what’s happening and having that connection creates these long-standing relationships, where after just a few assignments, we know exactly what a candidate wants and we can really fit them to what they are looking for.

Post Assignment

Even post-assignment, so many people, especially our recruiters, go somewhere when they’re not on assignment, but they will follow-up and tell us something that’s happening in their life. Just like we are more than just coworkers here at HireUp Leadership, for many of our interims, they’re not just interims or healthcare workers or leaders that are being placed, they are people that we’ve also become invested in and have mutual respect and in some ways friendship.

After all, we know all about their kids, their parents, their friends and family. We often get so connected to our interims, they know about our own families and our pets, and they get to know about the life that we’re leading, just like we get to know theirs.

Our Belief

We truly believe it is a privilege to do this work. We have an incredible team here at HireUp Leadership. Each person brings their own strengths and gifts to this job that better our team in the long run.

The clients that we work with are amazing and to go on this journey with them, as they grow and evolve, is truly a privilege. The leaders that we work with are looking for their next step. They’re looking for growth. They’re looking for something new and we are so grateful to be able to join them on that walk forward.