Finding Joy and Inspiration Through Meaningful Work

Angela Belmont has been a nurse for 39 years. She believes that nursing is a calling to those who work in the healthcare field and feels privileged to do its sacred work. She finds meaning through her work as a nurse leader and continues to find joy and inspiration in each and every day. Angela shared a few of her key learnings throughout her career below. We hope you find some inspiration here.

Opportunity Abounds.

Today, in the nursing industry, the opportunities are so much greater than they were back in the 80s when I graduated from nursing school. Normally, you had two options, you either worked in a hospital or you worked in a doctor’s office but today there is so much opportunity to do so much more than that. As the profession has grown, I think we have really begun to show our value to the medical healthcare team which allows us the opportunity to have so many different niches, if you will. I always strive to inspire young nurses coming out of school to try everything that they can. You’ll know when you’ve found the place that you belong and the place you will continue to work in the years to come. 

Surrounded By Strong Leadership.

I believe that surrounding yourself with strong leadership and folks that really know how to do their job is very, very important. When you can build a team of people who have the same vision and the same outlook in terms of what they want out of their career, you have hit the jackpot. Concentrating more on those around you, those who you bring onto your teams, and really spending time investing in them as individuals, making sure that they know how valuable they are to the team and the mission is so important.

Fill Your Cup.

I believe nursing is a calling and it is sacred work. If you can do meaningful work on a daily basis, you continue to be inspired to find more ways to continue that work. It is so very important to make sure your cup gets filled by what you do each and every day.